VandrumSports proudly brings to Trivandrum a first of its kind summer camp experience

A curriculum formulated to suit different age groups and to effectively utilise the off-school months, our summer camp aims to channelize the energy and time of kids to literally ‘rejuvenate’ and enrich them with experiences and knowledge, outside the school syllabus .
Our primary focus is to expose kids to the physical world and give them a break from the pressure of extremely tight schedules and academics they have to keep up with in school. We also want our future generations to know and connect with an outer world and also distract them from the overwhelming dependence and addiction to electronic gadgets which kids are hooked up mostly after school hours. We strongly believe that physical activity and sports is the most effective medium through which children can be taught the very idea of self-discipline, social interaction and co-existence in a healthy living environment and our curriculum has been designed with this in mind. We have also taken utmost care to include everything possible that could contribute to the wholesomeness of this rejuvenating experience and we are bound to make this summer really cool for our campers!