1. Parents are required to leave the campers at the summer school lobby and requested not to wait anywhere in the premises.
  2. In case they need a clarification on anything they can get it cleared from the information desk in front of the summer camp lobby. You can also leave your queries in the box at the information desk. We will try our best to revert within 24 hours. You can also leave your most valuable feedback in the box.
  3. For registrations, to make payments, and to provide camper information, photo for ID card etc. please approach the desk at the clubhouse reception.
  4. Details of transport is displayed at the lobby entrance and in the transport page of the website. For any further queries, please contact the respective drivers or the transport coordinator, details of which are mentioned on the list. Payments for transport can be made through the website, or by card or cheque at the clubhouse reception.
  5. Food can be pre ordered to Muthoot Skychef ONLY through the website and it has to be made on or before Saturday 12 pm of the preceding week. All other campers have to bring their lunch from home or have to be instructed through the diary to be taken to the Frankztreat Café. Campers have one snack break and a lunch break every day.
  6. We have set up a sports store at the ground floor of the clubhouse. You can look at samples and place order as you require. It will be delivered to the camper the next day.
  7. Extended programs are ongoing till 5 pm but transportation for the same will be provided only from Wednesday. A sport (choice of cricket, football, swimming, squash, basketball and badminton) or robotics workshop can be chosen for the extended timing (3:30 pm to 5:00 pm).  The registrations are open. You can get fee details from the website. Parents are required to buy non marking shoes for use inside the indoor sporting facility. This can be retained in the classroom in kits properly name marked and sealed to prevent loss / damage. Swimsuit, goggle, a cap and towel have to be sent on days that have a swimming activity as per the schedule communicated in the diary. In case this is not sent, the child will not be included in the activity. All other sporting kits/ wear etc need to be purchased only as per the instruction and communication of the coach.
  8. Diary can be used as a medium of communication on a daily basis. Parents can leave any message to the teacher / coaches / management through the diary.
  9. ID cards will be handed over to the campers in a week’s time. Please provide any information not given to get your child’s card.
  10. Campers can wear the uniform on Mondays and Thursdays only until the second t-shirt is delivered to them.
  11. Tracking facility will be made available in a week’s time.
  12. Buses will leave the campus by 3:30 pm.
  13. Parents are expected to pick their wards from 3:10 pm to 3:25 pm. They are not allowed to enter into the classrooms and the summer school complex. They are required to restrict themselves to the areas marked.
  14. Once class is over, campers cannot stay on the campus beyond 30 minutes. They will wait for their parents in the lobby.
  15. Parents are required to arrive on time to drop and pick their children from the bus stops and not make the bus wait.


  1. Transport Coordinator – Nithin : 8281889190
  2. Technical Support – Bhavith : 9746139973
  3. Facilities Coordinator – Santhosh : 9809035034
  4. Course Coordinator – Anita Rege : 6291908946