Our Values and Philosophy

We are a committed bunch of people who wish to see our coming generations to be strong physically and mentally. In the current urban scenario where flat-culture and busy life are restricting children’s scope to connect with outer world and limts them inside four walls or computer screens, Vandrum sports wants to be a gateway for children to explore the wonderful dynamics of life that comes through social interactions possibly by sports and other outdoor activities. We believe in planting in children, the seeds of humanity, sportsman spirit, quality friendships, mutual respect and competitive spirit through sports, arts, music, reading and other life enhancing habits like yoga, reading, cooking etc.

Our philosophy is to let children be children, and pave way for every child to tap their true potential. We don’t compromise in the quality of infra structure and trainers we provide for each domain as we have met with international standards for every specific field. We believe every child is unique and special and with the right key, we could unlock the treasure of talents in each one of them.