he foremost form of visual art, Theatre, incorporates various forms of arts into a single platform. Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.

For the creative campers who are fascinated by the theatre, this is the perfect workshop to learn more about acting, character development, script writing and interpretation, creative expression, improvisation and what not. This interaction will benefit the camper and help improve his emotional, social and physical attitude and also fan the flames of natural liking towards culture and arts. We provide our campers a golden opportunity to understand and know this fascinating visual culture from the veterans of theatre arts. Revathy Kalamandir, a production house formed by Menaka Suresh & G Sureshkumar will undertake the theatre sessions at the camp.

Revathy Kalamandhir – the well-known production house among Kerala film audience will offer best and excellent faculty to impart our campers with basic knowledge about every aspect of Theatre. The campers will be given interesting and interactive sessions from experts on play writing, acting, music and dialogue delivery. The latent and inherent talent in the young may possibly be brushed out in the camp and one could say with certainty that some of them may with the right kind of nurturing go the distance in future in the steps of great Thespians.”